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New Year’s Resolution: Modernize Data Management Strategy & Eliminate IT Worst Case Scenarios

We’ve seen quite a few worst case scenarios in the news recently, mostly revolving around security. Threats, private data exposed and an overall corporate embarrassment. Although extremely (italics mean business) important, a breach in security isn’t the only major snafu an organization of any size can make. There’s another type of worst case scenario, and that’s being.... Continue Reading >>

HP Introduces Gen9 to the Data Center Market

Recently introduced, HP has a new series of ProLiant Gen9 Servers to address growing data center demands. With the pressure to deliver services and shell out data in the speediest and most cost effective way, traditional data center architectures are becoming constricting. In the era of mobility, big data and cloud, traditional server set-ups are slowing down.... Continue Reading >>

Nth Symposium 2014: What’s It All About?

This year has been a ground-breaking one for the technology industry. From security breaches to big data evolution, there’s been a serious bump in megatrends and accompanying business challenges. With this directional shift, having and utilizing the right information and tools are key. Choosing this year’s theme of transforming business in today’s IT reality, we believe that.... Continue Reading >>

Internet Explorer & Windows XP: Where Are We At?

It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft released its initial code red, Homeland-security-level threat for Internet Explorer. Now, with patches available for both IE and XP users, we can all rest easy, right? Not so fast. A Timeline with Questionable Timing  Three weeks after Microsoft formally ended its thirteen-year support of Windows XP, a major security flaw.... Continue Reading >>

Heartbleed Havoc: What You Need to Know

It’s branded, crafty and social media friendly. What, exactly, is Heartbleed and how can we protect ourselves? Don’t be fooled. Despite its luring graphic, the bug that appeared almost overnight is a serious threat to your online security. It has sent (valid) waves of panic to the heart of the internet and widely affected popular websites including.... Continue Reading >>

What’s the Big Deal about Big Data?

Have you ever played the game, “hot potato?” If not, it’s exactly like it sounds. Take a scolding hot potato, hold it for as long as you can, then throw it to the next person. Although food isn’t always a widely used metaphor for technological trends, this one just might be for big data. Let me explain..... Continue Reading >>

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