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Heartbleed Havoc: What You Need to Know

It’s branded, crafty and social media friendly. What, exactly, is Heartbleed and how can we protect ourselves? Don’t be fooled. Despite its luring graphic, the bug that appeared almost overnight is a serious threat to your online security. It has sent (valid) waves of panic to the heart of the internet and widely affected popular websites including.... Continue Reading >>

What’s the Big Deal about Big Data?

Have you ever played the game, “hot potato?” If not, it’s exactly like it sounds. Take a scolding hot potato, hold it for as long as you can, then throw it to the next person. Although food isn’t always a widely used metaphor for technological trends, this one just might be for big data. Let me explain..... Continue Reading >>

Security Breaches in a BYOD World

As organizations and consumers are increasingly embracing mobility and BYOD, security solutions are progressively designed to address these evolving trends. Laptops, tablets and smart phones are changing the way we live and do business, but how can we guarantee this remote access won’t drag our secure data through the mud? 2014 has been the year of hacking..... Continue Reading >>

Nth Generation Blog is New and Improved – Welcome!

Welcome to the Nth Generation blog. The Nth Generation Blog is for discussion and additional information around Nth’s focal practices. We pride ourselves in the expertise of our internal technical specialists and professional services staff that help customers with architecture, implementation, problem resolution, and more. We’re in the information overload age. The options for technological solution providers,.... Continue Reading >>

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