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Securing the Next Generation of Digital Transformation Event in Newport Beach

Nth Generation had a great event in Orange County last Thursday at Ten Asian Bistro in Newport Beach, CA to discuss the evolving present and future digital transformation technology ecosystem and the increasing need for Hybrid IT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. HPE, Cylance, and Veeam co-hosted the event and discussed the growing shift of securing network.... Continue Reading >>

Leverage Machine Learning for Flash Storage

Predict and Prevent Storage Issues Across Your Infrastructure. HPE InfoSight watches over your infrastructure 24/7, so that you don’t have to. Through cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning, HPE InfoSight analyzes millions of sensors every second to prevent potential issues. Now you can accurately predict capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs as well as explore multiple scenarios using.... Continue Reading >>

Watch Out For These New Tax Scams in 2018

With tax season underway, attackers are heavily leveraging schemes around the IRS and taxes in order to acquire your hard-earned money. By leveraging anxiety over time-sensitivity, and the threat of the government repercussions, you may experience lack of discernment. Don’t get caught in a scam trap! Here’s what we’re seeing in the field: Watch Out for These.... Continue Reading >>

Fast Company Names Darktrace as One of the 50 ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ 2018

A special congratulations to Darktrace for making the Top 50 of the Fast Company recognition, World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2018! Darktrace is one of Nth Generation’s emerging partners, leveraging next generation AI/ML to help defend companies more effectively against increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. Read the Darktrace press release here: https://www.darktrace.com/press/2018/226/. CLICK HERE to see the complete.... Continue Reading >>

Nth Generation Celebrated a Successful 2017

Nth Generation spent a weekend in Coronado celebrating a successful 2017 and staff longevity. Both Jim Russ, VP Enterprise Technology and Todd Burkhardt, VP of Technical Services, are celebrating their 25th Nth anniversary this year. Staff enjoyed local activities, a luau themed dinner and much more. CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook page to see photos from.... Continue Reading >>

Nth’s Highlights From Fortinet’s Accelerate 2018 Conference

Nth Generation attended the Fortinet Accelerate 18 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada February 26 – March 1, 2018. Over 2,000 thought leaders, technical experts, and IT professionals attended this conference to share and learn the latest in network security. The conference offered a unique opportunity to gain hands-on technical expertise, connect with security pros and Fortinet executives,.... Continue Reading >>

HP ships keylogging Conexant driver by default with many laptops

Written by: Stewart Olson Nth Generation Security Consultant On May 11th, German researcher, Thorsten Schroeder, reported discovery of an audio driver on HP laptops which intercepts keystrokes. The purpose for the keylogging is intended to catch when certain special keys are pressed to trigger audio events such as “volume up,” “mute,” and so on. However, poor design.... Continue Reading >>

Four Reasons to Secure your Apps with Us

How Nth Generation Fortifies your Software to Keep Hackers at Bay Sure, you built enough security into your apps. Or did you? With the increasing complexity of the networked universe and a growing list of cyber threats, it is all too easy to miss a step, or not adequately protect your application from the latest insidious attacks.... Continue Reading >>

OEMs: Is Your Software Secure?

Defending your applications against the newest threats The hackers are out there – more numerous and sophisticated than ever. They are hungry for data and business logic: private information including your intellectual property, business secrets and customer financial and personal data they can use and abuse. What’s more, they are poised to infiltrate and compromise the applications.... Continue Reading >>

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