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This Week in Tech: April 15th, 2016

Stephen Hawking’s Starship Sci-fi childhood dreams are coming to life: Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire, Yuri Milner, are building an interstellar spacecraft. Announced at One World Observatory in New York this week, Milner and Hawking revealed the groundwork for this unprecedented expedition through the stars. The technology prototype behind it include a “Starship” with cameras, navigation, power.... Continue Reading >>

This Week in Tech: April 8th, 2016

Nest Disabling Revolv Hub Purchasers of Revolv smart home hubs are getting some much-asked-for support from Nest this week. Nest (owned by Google) discontinued the smart home product after acquiring Revolv in 2014, but promised owners they would still receive technical support. However, after recently notifying customers they’ll be terminating the promised ongoing backing, they’ve caught wind.... Continue Reading >>

This Week in Tech: March 25th, 2016

Microsoft AI Teen Gone Horribly Wrong Microsoft’s Teen AI debuted on Twitter this week and…. It’s a huge jerk. As a combined technology, AI and very public social experiment (turned PR nightmare), the tech giant programmed their bot to impersonate its followers and respond to Tweets in an “amusing” way. They may have forgotten that the internet (aside from.... Continue Reading >>

This Week in Tech: March 11th, 2016

Netflix & VPN Begrudgingly to international Netflix & Chill consumers, the House of Cards empire has blocked VPN users from accessing any of its content. With the rising frequency of subscribers retrieving US content by disguising their location, Netflix implemented the block this January and the reactions haven’t been pretty. With all the fuss and unhappy customers,.... Continue Reading >>

This Week in Tech: March 4th, 2016

We’ve started a new series called This Week in Tech (TWiT) where we will review all things tech that have happened in the past week. Google’s Mountain View Self-Driving Snafu Google is making headway with their self-driving car, but the tech giant’s effort to humanize its software contributed to a recent Mountain View crash this month. Before.... Continue Reading >>

New Beginnings for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As of yesterday (November 1, 2015), HP has officially split into two separate Fortune 50 companies – Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. This change ushers in a new minimalist logo and re-branding for HPE, symbolizing the combination of renewed focus and simplicity within the company. Meg Whitman, HPE’s CEO, explains the new green square outside the.... Continue Reading >>

New Year’s Resolution: Modernize Data Management Strategy & Eliminate IT Worst Case Scenarios

We’ve seen quite a few worst case scenarios in the news recently, mostly revolving around security. Threats, private data exposed and an overall corporate embarrassment. Although extremely (italics mean business) important, a breach in security isn’t the only major snafu an organization of any size can make. There’s another type of worst case scenario, and that’s being.... Continue Reading >>

HP Introduces Gen9 to the Data Center Market

Recently introduced, HP has a new series of ProLiant Gen9 Servers to address growing data center demands. With the pressure to deliver services and shell out data in the speediest and most cost effective way, traditional data center architectures are becoming constricting. In the era of mobility, big data and cloud, traditional server set-ups are slowing down.... Continue Reading >>

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