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HP ships keylogging Conexant driver by default with many laptops

Written by: Stewart Olson Nth Generation Security Consultant On May 11th, German researcher, Thorsten Schroeder, reported discovery of an audio driver on HP laptops which intercepts keystrokes. The purpose for the keylogging is intended to catch when certain special keys are pressed to trigger audio events such as “volume up,” “mute,” and so on. However, poor design.... Continue Reading >>

Four Reasons to Secure your Apps with Us

How Nth Generation Fortifies your Software to Keep Hackers at Bay Sure, you built enough security into your apps. Or did you? With the increasing complexity of the networked universe and a growing list of cyber threats, it is all too easy to miss a step, or not adequately protect your application from the latest insidious attacks.... Continue Reading >>

OEMs: Is Your Software Secure?

Defending your applications against the newest threats The hackers are out there – more numerous and sophisticated than ever. They are hungry for data and business logic: private information including your intellectual property, business secrets and customer financial and personal data they can use and abuse. What’s more, they are poised to infiltrate and compromise the applications.... Continue Reading >>

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