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How are you elevating your security posture in 2019?



How are you elevating your security posture in 2019?

New and evolving cyber security threats organizations are on high alert. Read the recent emergency directive from the Department of Homeland Security providing “required actions” for U.S. government agencies to prevent widespread DNS hijacking attacks: https://threatpost.com/gov-warning-dns-hijacking/141088/

Hiring and keeping skilled security experts is expensive. Without the resources to hire a full-time CISO, it has become crucial to leverage external outlets at a significantly lesser cost. This allows you to improve your security posture efficiently and cost effectively so you can keep your team focused on your core business.

Strengthen your security posture by leveraging Nth Generation’s virtual CISO services. Get prepared and mitigate risk with our team of certified cyber security experts. To learn more, call (800) 548-1883.

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