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Nth Cycling Team

Nth Generation Computing, beyond being a successful customer and engineering centric technology company, also has a vibrant group of cyclists: road and mountain bikers. We all work hard at what we do, but that also means we need time to “sharpen the saw.” Cycling for many of us delivers what we need: physical exercise, seeing beautiful sites, releasing mental stress of the day, and cultivating relationships.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first Spring/Summer season Boomers to Mutts run. We rode our bikes for 20 miles and everyone had great time, in spite of a bit of moisture coming down from the sky.

The spring and summer are my favorite seasons due to Daylight Savings Time; you can get a two hour post work ride completed, and there is still sun light! Many Tuesday evenings we mountain bike in either Chino Hills or El Moro depending upon business requirements. We are a very welcoming group!

It won’t be long before we begin to train for the September Orange County Wheelmen Amtrak run on September 8, 2018. Check on this link for more details: https://www.ocwheelmen.org/amtraksitemap. Nth will have a group of riders going on arguably the easiest and most beautiful 100 miles they’ll ever ride. The best part of course, is the exclusive Century Train back from San Diego to Irvine.

Hope you can join us next time!






– Bob Sale, Enterprise Account Executive




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