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Nth Generation Sponsored and Participated in the SCSIM Spring Forum



Nth Generation Sponsored and Participated in the SCSIM Spring Forum

Nth Generation was proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the SCSIM Spring Forum event on May 31, 2018 at the Long Beach Marriott. Experts and practitioners informed attendees of the ongoing process of digital transformation, and explained how it enables companies to achieve agility and facilitate innovation.

About SCSIM*

The SCSIM membership consists of Southern California’s top Information Systems (I.S.) executives, senior academics, and selected leading-edge I.S. consultants. This website provides online access to information about the Chapter, including membership criteria, events of the Chapter, other relevant events taking place in Southern California, who to contact, and additional useful information.

Southern California SIM (SCSIM) is a chapter within the Society for Information Management (SIM), a prestigious professional association of executives, academics, and consultants in the information management field.

Chapters of SIM are geographically based. SCSIM represents Southern California and is one of approximately 30 chapters of SIM worldwide.

SCSIM conducts a number of important services for its members, including coordinating with SIM International regarding worldwide issues of vital interest to all SIM members, and offering local Southern California focused services to SCSIM members, such as quarterly events hosted in Southern California, CIO roundtable’s, new member orientation, member directory, community service activities, and so on.

To learn more about SCSIM visit: https://scsim.org/.

*Source: https://scsim.org/about/ Accessed 6/5/18.

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