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Simplify and Optimize Your Hybrid IT With HPE GreenLake



Simplify and Optimize Your Hybrid IT With HPE GreenLake

When was the last time you needed to go to the airport? Did you take an Uber? When you went away for a weekend, did you give Airbnb a try? Over the past ten years, there has been a cultural shift in how we consume. We prefer to be ‘asset-light’ as both individuals and consumers. As a society, we crave the flexibility of having ‘what we want, when we want it.’ This is a growing trend with modern IT.

HPE Pointnext has developed a new suite of complete curated solutions to bring this on demand experience to enterprise companies. Under the HPE GreenLake brand, there are solutions to move top workloads from the traditional IT purchase style of operation, to a modern consumption style of IT. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a consumption-based, on-premises infrastructure service that delivers benefits to businesses instantly. Companies will benefit from on-demand flexible IT capacity services as well as the agility and economics of public clouds, combined with the control, security, and performance of on-premises data centers all in a pay per use model.

Want to learn how you can gain a competitive business advantage with solutions for big data, edge computing, hybrid it, infrastructure and more? Nth Generation and Hewlett Packard Enterprise can show you how – all while consuming on-premises and without undue complexity and risk. Watch this video to learn more about HPE Greenlake.

For more information, contact Tim McCauley at tim.mccauley@nth.com or call (858) 451-2383.

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