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Nth’s Highlights From Fortinet’s Accelerate 2018 Conference



Nth’s Highlights From Fortinet’s Accelerate 2018 Conference

Nth Generation attended the Fortinet Accelerate 18 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada February 26 – March 1, 2018. Over 2,000 thought leaders, technical experts, and IT professionals attended this conference to share and learn the latest in network security. The conference offered a unique opportunity to gain hands-on technical expertise, connect with security pros and Fortinet executives, participate in interactive sessions, and learn more about the latest threat trends and how to protect against them. Read our post conference reviews:

Dan-Molina-Headshot“We’re truly in a very interesting digital era… one that requires SECURITY TO THE NTH DEGREE… Here are some important highlights from the conference:

  • Digital Transformation (DX) has become a “must” for most organizations in order to survive & thrive in this Digital Age.
  • DX helps organizations increase agility, obtain deeper and more relevant insights from data analytics, and achieve greater automation for much higher productivity levels.
  • DX has made *DATA* the most critical asset in most organizations more than ever before!
  • Data must be protected across systems, private & public networks, on-premise/cloud/end-user devices, a growing number of applications, etc.
  • Thus, Cybersecurity has become the strongest obstacle to DX.
  • Starting in 2018, the industry will need to and begin to go through a SECURITY TRANSFORMATION (SX) in order to have a better chance to protect a much larger ‘digital attack surface!’
  • SX = Is the integration of Security into all areas of Digital Technology resulting in fundamental changes to security approaches.
  • The SX role in securing an expanding digital attack surface:
    • Protecting Data – No matter where it is in the network or what state it’s in.
    • Securing OT – Extending IT security to Operation Technology networks.
    • Flexible Security Consumption – To cover hybrid in a multi-cloud environment.
    • Addressing Compliance – As part of a broader Risk Management Strategy.
    • Expanding Threat Landscape – Requires real-time security, human skills, and automation.
  • CISO Challenges: Cyber security has become too big of an issue for anyone to solve.
    • FORTINET helps with an integrated approach and management platform (The Security Fabric).
    • Considering these DX and SX trends, Nth is very well positioned in our approach to help organizations significantly enhance and maintain strong security postures!

At Nth Generation, we provide a top-down approach to enhance security postures based on ever evolving formal Security frameworks and leading technologies that help secure the larger digital attack surfaces resulting from DX.”

– Dan Molina, Chief Technology Officer


Steward-Olson-Headshot“I was very impressed by the FortiManager solution for managing multiple Fortigate firewalls and other devices. It offers a very smooth and relatively straight-forward way to manage multiple Fortinet products at once.”

“The security fabric Fortinet is focusing on seems to be a very good idea, being able to see some of it actually in place in the expo hall and in the training sessions was promising. If it keeps maturing, I believe it will prove to be a very valuable framework for managing multiple systems, controls, and technologies with far less administrative overhead than is required by the typical organization using multiple vendors for different security functions.”

– Stewart Olson, Security Consultant


Jerry-Craft-Headshot“The Fortinet Accelerate conference was a great event to attend as the company detailed its vision for the security fabric, and for its new products and software for 2018. Overall, the conference was attended by people from all over the globe, and it was amazing to see so many security professionals from every country.”

“The FortiOS system that drives many of the Fortinet products is moving to version 6.0 which is a yearly release. This release creates the foundation of the Fortinet security framework which enhances the ability for the different Fortinet security tools to work interactively and form the basis of the security fabric.”

– Jerry Craft, Senior Security Consultant & CISO, CISSP, GSEC, GPEN, GCFE


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