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Four Reasons to Secure your Apps with Us



Four Reasons to Secure your Apps with Us

How Nth Generation Fortifies your Software to Keep Hackers at Bay

Sure, you built enough security into your apps. Or did you? With the increasing complexity of the networked universe and a growing list of cyber threats, it is all too easy to miss a step, or not adequately protect your application from the latest insidious attacks by hackers. Did you know, for example, that more than 80 percent of today’s cyber-attacks target and exploit vulnerabilities in applications?
Don’t go it alone. Nth Generation has the inside edge on a best-fit app security solution for your development business– HPE Fortify, the leader in this class. We offer security solutions that span the software development lifecycle to meet your entire mobile and web app protection needs. After all, you need the right technology that will ensure compliance and risk management (third-party demands), avoid breaches, and also secure the SDLC.

HPE Fortify solutions are fully scalable, manageable – and available when and where you need them. Backed by more than a decade of market leading experience and with the combined expertise of the world’s top application security experts, we bring an easy alternative like no other to defend your solutions. The result? You will stand out from the competition and ultimately deliver more value to your customers.

Here are four reasons Nth Generation should be your first call for application security:

1. Proven: For 25 years, Nth Generation has been a leading IT solutions provider for Fortune 500 companies across America. Our HPE Fortify line brings more than a decade of successful deployments backed by the largest security research team. Ask us for our list of highly-successful deployments by both public and private organizations

2. Comprehensive: HPE Fortify is the only application security provider to cover SAST, DAST, IAST and RASP. Not only does HPE offer all these, they invented and pioneered many of these technologies.

3. Flexible: Our security solutions are available on-premise as software and as an on-demand platform. No competitor can match our extensive range of hybrid deployments.

4. Intelligent: In addition to our testing technologies, HPE Fortify also provides the security intelligence you need to effectively identify and resolve any application security problem. Our dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of all your application security testing projects – and you (or your clients) will also get detailed reports to ensure that you meet security compliance. In short, our collaboration and recommendation tools have been proven to help developers like you be more productive.

Interested in learning how to get better application security through Nth Generation? Let our trusted IT advisors help you ‘Fortify’ your next application. Reach out to us at info@nth.com or leave your comments below.

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