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This Week in Tech, June 3rd, 2016



This Week in Tech, June 3rd, 2016

Uber’s $3.5 Billion Funding

Uber is continuing its world domination with a new $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s Investment Fund. The ride sharing giant has already raised $13.8 billion in the past two years, rapidly growing and still dodging a public IPO. The recent funding is predicatively going towards expansion in the Middle East and trumps any previous start up investment.

With UberEats on the horizon in the UK, they re also looking to take out the food delivery market, namely its biggest competitor, Deliveroo. Offering delivery from local restaurants, Uber is looking beyond ride sharing and making its mark in London (among other cities) by laying the groundwork now and recruiting a team within the city.


Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce, an environmentally conscious Bay Area start up, has introduced the concept of delivering “ugly” fruits and vegetables to doorsteps at a fraction of the mainstream store cost. Using social media as a launching pad for changing the perception of produce with oddities, they;re addressing the major food waste issue within the US. It’s a new way for environmentalists and entrepreneurs to join forces against the irrational produce specifications for conventional consumption, addressing both hunger and skyrocketing produce prices. Learn more about their work to get the less aesthetically pleasing (but still healthy and tasty) produce available here.


Pebble’s New Smartwatch Kickstarter

With Pebble’s Kickstarter launching its first smart watch, they’re getting back in the game with a pair of watches that track your heart rate. (with another Kickstarter) In conjunction with the watch, they’re releasing their first non-watch gadget: a small, cube shaped accessory to access phone features without carrying a mobile. (i.e. listening to music) According to Pebble’s CEO, they’re turning to Crowdfunding again because it makes people feel more involved from the beginning, creating a larger community that appreciates and roots for the products.


Happy National Donut Day!

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