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This Week in Tech: May 27th, 2016



This Week in Tech: May 27th, 2016

New Translating App and Earpiece

A new, smart earpiece is helping to expand the language development space and translate conversation. Developed by Waverly Labs, an app will translate the communication directly into the wearer’s ear, cultivating conversation in close to real-time.  With more solid, technical details still on the horizon, it’s a great first step in innovative language technologies that bridge communication gaps. The first roll out includes the ear pieces and app, with long-term expansion goals of translating anyone nearby.


Nuclear Missiles and Floppy Disks

With pretty much any technology at the US government’s disposal, we all assume that the most sensitive information is under high security somewhere, right? According to a recent report, the Pentagon is still using floppy disks (yes, the same ones you used to carry book reports on) to coordinate intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and tanker support aircraft. With plans to renovate their systems by the end of 2017, it’s apparent there’s work to be done to move them away from 50’s era technology.


Netflix and Chill Rings

Sitting down and binge watching a show with your SO is a huge perk of our now streaming-based culture. So, what if someone gets one episode ahead? Introducing: Cornetto, a U.K. ice cream brand that’s looking to prevent a conundrum such as this one. With the rings’ app, couples choose their favorite shows that can only be unlocked and viewed when they’re close. The rings are on a first come, first serve basis with Cornetto currently working on streaming companies to partner with.


Google’s Modular Phone is Ready

Building a smartphone out of interchangeable parts to instantly customize your phone is a Google mission now coming to fruition. Going on a trip and wanting to take photos? Add a wide-angle lens. Going to be at a football game all day with no place to charge? Add a battery. Change out features for the ones you need while conserving the ones you don’t. After years of building and re-building to hammer out the glitches, Google’s Ara works and is slated for a consumer version sometime in 2017.

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