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This Week in Tech: April 29th, 2016



This Week in Tech: April 29th, 2016

Bragi’s Wireless Headphones

Introducing Bragi’s new smart and wireless headphones: The Dash. It’s the first of its kind and holding up to 1,000 songs without the help of an additional device. You can browse music by swiping its interface, get heart rate analytics and physical metrics, and even block out the noise around you. According to Engadget’s review, they stay pretty well in your ears and do cut out the bustle of the outside world. Starting at $299 for the whole kit, it could be a worthwhile investment for the active techie wanting a more streamlined, cordless workout.


Google’s Upcoming Travel App, Trip

Google is stirring up a new travel map that combines Now (Google’s personal assistant) and Maps. It will comb your Gmail to grab travel data and automatically package your schedule into an easily accessible and sharable bundle. Including flights, hotels and other reservations in your email, your Google itinerary pulls together all info. without you having to lifting a finger. With this, and because Google is Google, there are features for nearby recommendations.  If you’re itching to get your hands on this one, sign up for Local Guides to test out the Beta version before it goes live.


Amazon Profit Reports

Amazon shocked everyone this week with a $513 million earning report, almost doubling what analysts expected for the first quarter. Piggybacking on the announcement, Amazon’s stock rose 12% in after-hours trading. Most surprisingly, their Cloud services are carrying the load, with profits skyrocketing up 64% from a year ago. Amazon Web Services is a sought after Cloud provider for organizations of all kinds, hosting data on their servers and raking in 67% of Amazon’s quarterly operating cost.


Microsoft’s Flow

With the amount of programs we use, wouldn’t it be nice to connect and automate your daily, digital workflow? Microsoft has introduced Flow, connecting your apps and all parts of your digital life into a collaborative place where text notifications come to your email and Dropbox updates show up on Slack. (and so on) It’s a feed for all aspects of your digital life that’s free if you have an Office 365 account.

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